Here's where I am...  let's coordinate schedules!

The following calendar can give you an idea of my availability or at least of my approximate where-abouts!  If I'm out with Tranquility Base, perphaps we can meet up in the area that I'm in.  Photography happens everywhere, not just in the studio!  Remember... I'm mobile!

rwPhotoArtist Calendar

Key to Calendar Events:

Booked:  Much or most of the day is dedicated to the event shown, but don't get frustrated, if your timing is limited, call me to coordinate.  Life and photography happens 24/7!

Drive Day:  Most of this day is for travelling.  Best to call me to coordinate.

Info:  Informational only, contact me to coordinate, if it's urgent, I might be able to adjust my schedule for you.  You won't know if you don't ask!

Walkabout:  Photography never stops, so if I'm near your area, this would be the perfect time for us to meet up.  Contact me to coordinate!

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