Food Photography

Do you have a restaurant and have been thinking about refreshing images on your menu?

With my background in floral photography, I easily adapted my macro techniques to food photography.  Images can be made on site in your kitchen, it takes but a few extra seconds to capture a finished dish as it's on it's way out to the table.

Pricing Example

Working with your Chef or Kitchen Team, the entree and appetizer images that you see above would have cost you just over $20 each to create.  We shot for an entire day, and ended up with a contact sheet of about 36 images for the company website.

Ask for a quote

How do we start?  Contact me for a quote, let's discuss your needs and your budget.  I would also be happy to visit your restaurant in Southern California - sometimes that's the best way to get started!  (If you are outside of my area, contact me - maybe a road trip is in order...  You'll never know if you don't ask...)

Can't I do this myself?

Of course you can!  But if your images are not as good as you would like, I'll be happy to help you improve them.  I get it, you can't always wait for a photographer and it gets expensive too!  If your restauraunt menu has an ever changing and diverse menu (daily specials for example), then making images yourself may be the best option for you.  Contact me for some photographic setup and coaching ideas.  I'm here to help.  Guten Appetit!

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